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"Think Healthy" with Rocco Boulay from Integrity Health Coaching for Women

Rocco Boulay

Rocco is the founder of the Integrity Health Coaching paradigm.

This paradigm's mission is to increase the health of individuals through education and guidance. The company's EZ Coach Fitness Prescription System makes this possible by reducing the cost for those looking for health prevention, instruction and promotion.

After 12 years of research and development of the EZ Coach technology, Integrity Health Coaching Solutions is building a network of like-minded professionals who are passionate about helping others and want to join their team.

Rocco believes there is a vast opportunity in the weight loss and fitness industries for all to become successful via helping others. His conviction is that we don't need to compete against each other on low price but create solutions with each other to build value in our industry.

Health & Fitness companies with these same beliefs will become an essential component of Integrity's mission to make the world a healthier place.

Rocco's passion for helping others is his first and foremost objective. He knows you can't pretend sincerity. He states; "if we believe we can make a difference, then we most certainly will."

Tune into Think Healthy with Rocco every Monday on Food for Thought with Carol & Trayce.

Susan Osborne from Be Image Consulting

Susan Osborne, Be Image Consulting LLC, is a personal and executive image coach. She is a business consultant, speaker, and seminar leader, and a one-on-one image makeover stylist - including style consultations, wardrobe auditing, color analysis, personal shopping and makeovers for men and women. For more information visit www.beimageconsulting.com or contact Susan at susan@beimageconsulting.com. You can also follow Be Image Consulting on Facebook, follow Susan on Twitter and connect with her on LinkedIn.

Tune into Susan Osborne every other Monday on Food for Thought with Carol & Trayce.

Wake the Health Up, America with Steve Freeman

Every other week, Steve's segment each week will discuss what is fresh and in season right now in New Hampshire. As a board member and avid supporter of the Manchester Food Co-op, Steven has an insider's perspective of local produce!

Initially, Steven was interested in designing and building the new Co-op store. After lunch with a Board Member, he became more interested in all the wonderment of bringing a Co-op to Manchester. A lifelong Mancunian and community activist for good living in the City, the Co-op became his prime focus for the betterment of the Community of Manchester and all its residents and visitors. His activity in developing the Co-op has helped him reconnect to the local food movement, improved his health and diet, and opened up many new doors of opportunities. Steven lives and works in the City and loves all that the Co-op is teaching him and has inspired him to teach others.

Tune into Wake the Health Up, America every other Monday on Food for Thought with Carol & Trayce.

Clean and Healthy Eating with Randy Clemens

My name is Randy Clemens, and I am a freelance food writer. I am a graduate of the California School of Culinary Arts, a BJCP Recognized Beer Judge, a Libertarian, and a proud vegetarian. On the writing front, I'm the author of The Sriracha Cookbook and The Veggie-Lover's Sriracha Cookbook as well as the co-author of The Craft of Stone Brewing Co.: Liquid Lore, Epic Recipes, and Unabashed Arrogance. In addition to previously serving as the Associate Digest Editor for Los Angeles magazine, I've written for several major food publications including Gourmet, Saveur, Los Angeles, Imbibe, Wine Enthusiast, Draft, BeerAdvocate, and Edible Westside.

When I'm not eating, drinking, writing, or reading, I can be found running in my awesome Luna Sandals (or barefoot), singing barbershop with Pacific Coast Harmony, or traveling anywhere in search of adventure. I'm an avid traveler and travel writer, with more and more countries (and U.S. states!) getting ticked off the bucket list. Still plenty more to go to, but my wanderlust has thus far taken me to Mexico (Oaxaca and throughout Baja), Canada (Montreal), Vietnam and Thailand (twice!), Myanmar, Korea, Spain, the Canary Islands, France and Belgium (twice!), Italy, Germany, Switzerland, Belgium, the Netherlands (twice!), and the Czech Republic.

Tune into Clean and Healthy Eating every other Monday on Food for Thought with Carol & Trayce.

Julie Baron from Make-A-Wish New Hampshire

Make-A-Wish New Hampshire grants the wishes of children with life-threatening medical conditions to enrich the human experience with hope, strength and joy. Make-A-Wish New Hampshire was founded in December of 1986 and granted its first Wish in January of 1987. Since that first Wish, the New Hampshire chapter has granted more than 1,252 Wishes for children here in our state.

The children they serve are all too familiar with doctors and hospitals. Caring for these children involves much more than medical treatment. Our goal is to be an integral part of the treatment process. With doctors providing the medicine, and Make-A-Wish supplying the joy and magic, this team strives to create miracles in the lives of some very special children. Make-A-Wish believes that all children need hope, strength and joy in their lives. Their passion is to make Wishes come true for all of New Hampshire's eligible children.

Julie Baron is the Chief Executive Officer of Make-A-Wish New Hampshire where she oversees organizational strategy and direction.

One of Julie's passions is to create a strong vision and mobilize organizational resources to capture that vision and obtain results. Since joining the Make-A-Wish staff in 2004, Julie has passionately worked with our wish families, volunteers, donors and community to spread the Make-A-Wish mission.

Assisting Julie in her success at Make-A-Wish is her 25+ years of experience in leadership and management. Julie spends her time furthering her leadership skills by participating in programs such as Leadership Lakes Region and Leadership New Hampshire. She is a Rotarian and has been an active participant with the Queen City Rotary Club in Manchester, New Hampshire.

Julie is passionate about her work with the Make-A-Wish Team and is honored to serve with an organization that brings so much joy to New Hampshire Children with life-threatening medical conditions. She loves enriching the human experience by bringing hope, strength and joy to the children of New Hampshire, and with her team plans to do so for many years to come.

Tune into Julie and Make-A-Wish New Hampshire every Tuesday on Food for Thought with Carol & Trayce.

Bizarre Snacks with travel writer and journalist Dan Szczesny

Dan's books include The Adventures of Buffalo and Tough Cookie, a hiking memoir about a one year, 225-mile journey through some of New Hampshire's least known wilderness with his 10-year-old foster daughter. Also, The Nepal Chronicles, about a month long trek to Everest Base Camp and marriage in Kathmandu. His newest book, Sing and Other Short Stories, includes a variety of short fiction spanning Dan's 25 year career as a writer and journalist. His fourth book, Mosquito Rain: Alaskan Travel Essays will be published in spring 2016.

Dan began his career in Buffalo, New York. Since then, he has written for a wide variety of regional and national publications, including the Main Line Times, Philadelphia Weekly, Christian Science Monitor, Princeton Packet, Pennsylvania Magazine, all4woman.com, Yahoo! Parenting and Huffington Post. In 2000, he moved to New Hampshire to cover the Presidential Election. In 2001, Dan became Associate Publisher of The Hippo, now the state's largest Arts and Entertainment journal. For more info on Dan's books or upcoming travels, check out www.danszczesny.com. Or follow him on Facebook or on Twitter.

Tune in to Dan every other Tuesday as he unleashes Bizarre Snacks from around the world on Carol and Trayce.

Chef Patrick Hall from Lakes Region Community College

Patrick Hall is currently the Program Coordinator for Culinary Programs at the Lakes Region Community College. Patrick runs and operates the Shaker Table Restaurant at the Canterbury Shaker Village with his culinary programs. He holds a Masters of Carrier and Technical Education Degree from the University of New England as well as Bachelor and Associate degrees in Culinary Arts from Johnson and Wales University. Prior to teaching, Patrick and his wife April owned Patril's Restaurant in Franklin, New Hampshire. Patrick has served as a chef in other hotels and restaurants ranging from the Cheeca Lodge & Spa in the Florida Keys, to the Spring House Hotel on Block Island, as well as the Westin Hotel in Providence RI. Patrick was born and raised in Northampton, Massachusetts and moved to New Hampshire after meeting his wife in college. The two moved to their home town of Concord, NH shortly after. Patrick has a passion for cooking as well as teaching!

Tune into Chef Patrick every Wednesday on Food for Thought with Carol & Trayce.

Donna's Deelites

Donna Earl Johnson, a country girl with the heart of a soul diva, was born and raised in the small community of Iron Hill in the city of Newark, Delaware. The wife of Theadore Johnson Jr., the mother of one daughter Krystle Johnson and the other mother (stepmom) to Izem and Kareem (deceased) Coleman. The art and love for cooking came as a gift that was bestowed on my life at a very young age and I have been perfecting this craft ever since. While vacationing, Christmas 2014, in the Grand Cayman Islands I was blessed with the honor of meeting Carol Lawrence. Being two kindred spirits, we formed an amazing bond over food and fun. I believe that, "Life is for Living and Food is for Giving" and I plan to share this passion for food and existence with all who I am fortunate enough to meet on my journey. Just try to keep up with Donna on the Donna's Deelites Facebook page and the Donna's Deelites website.

Tune into Donna's Deelites every Thursday at 12:45pm on Food for Thought with Carol & Trayce.

Linda Ditch, Freelance Writer and Foodie Blogger

In 1999, Linda A. Ditch began her freelance writing career in New Hampshire with the Concord Monitor. As the food reporter for the Hippo Press, she was a regular guest on Food for Thought. She went from one capital city to another in 2010 when she moved to Topeka, Kansas. At that time she started her food blog, There and Back Again, so New Hampshire readers could follow her adventures in the wide-open prairie. With more than 1,500 articles in print, her work has appeared in the Boston Globe, Dallas Morning News, Topeka Capital-Journal, KANSAS! Magazine, Topeka Magazine, Taste for Life, CatFancy, New Hampshire Home, Around Concord, Here in Hanover, and Woodstock Magazine.

Tune into Linda every Thursday on Food for Thought with Carol & Trayce.

Michael Hauptly-Pierce in MHP Untapped

Co-host of The Tap Handle Show, Michael Hauptly-Pierce has been hosting a podcast in his mind since before there was such a thing as a podcast. He grew up in Fremont, CA and has lived in New Hampshire since 1998. Michael has been married since 2003 to Charlene, and often finds ferrets underfoot. He, his wife, and his ferrets often take long road trips, stopping to harass local wildlife and sample local beer. A veteran of both the community theater scene and the original, live music scene, he decided it was time to take his performing in a new direction with The Tap Handle Show. Michael offers over 5 years of brewing and beer-judging experience, along with an innate ability to connect people with each other.

Tune into MHP Untapped every other Thursday for the latest and greatest in craft beer on Food for Thought with Carol & Trayce.